Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Association of Seton Hall University

President's Report


Charles Guariglia- President

Dear Brothers:

Raise Your Steins to Phi Kappa Men Past and Present

I am happy to tell you that the positive momentum for the Association continues.

Since 1964 we have provided oversight and counsel to the undergraduate chapter, and social activities for Alumni brothers. And we are in terrific shape on both fronts.

Our undergrad chapter is thriving. There will be 45 brothers to open the 2019-20 school year. Most are business majors with an average GPA of 3.25- and their treasury is solvent. The leadership has bright,creative young men who take the initiative and are open and eager for advice from your Association Board.

The Chapter is also using our 66 years at Seton Hall as a way to attract top quality pledges. With a history of stability, tradition, and fraternity. Phi Kappa Theta at Seton Hall is a unique band of brothers whose friendships last a lifetime. A strong selling point.

Speaking of which. last year was chock full of diverse social activities for Alumni brothers. We had great turnouts at all of them (surf around the website to see)- and this year we hope for even greater participation.

An October golf outing, a Phi Kaps and Friends lunch, a Men’s Basketball Day at the Rock. and a Women’s Basketball Day on Campus are being scheduled for Fall/Winter. Email invitations will be sent out well in advance. Watch for them.

Lastly, I ask you to consider joining the Alumni Board. We need younger men to provide new thinking. If you are interested, email me at


Chuck Guariglia


P.S. I badly injured my leg in November and Treasurer Jim Spaeth took charge while I was recovering. He did a stellar job and we can’t thank him enough.