Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Association of Seton Hall University


Job Seekers

  • Christopher Vandeweghe 18' graduated from Seton Hall University magna cum laude with a BS in Business Administration with a major in Finance and a Minor in Economics. He also holds a Certificate in Business Analytics. His cumulative GPA is 3.8. He is seeking a challenging entry-level position in Finance. He was President of New Jersey Phi Beta Chapter and was heavily involved in extra-curricular and volunteer community service efforts. His resume can be viewed here.

Job Postings

  • Are there any brothers looking for job opportunities in the IT field? If so, please contact Doug Andersen 80' of Pierce Professional Resources at

  • Christian Russo: "My division is seeking a new sales assistant. I work for a subsidiary of Iheatrmeida called Katz Media group. If you or anyone you know is looking for a entry level position in Media/sales please message me."

If you are looking for or know of career opportunities and you would like them advertised on this page, please email